Here's a list of Scratch abbreviations & definitions!

HwS - The Help with Scripts forum.
QaS - The Questions about Scratch forum.
BaG - The Bugs and Glitches forum.
AT - The Advanced Topics forum.
TiMaC - The Things i'm Making and Creating forum.
TiRaP - The Things i'm Reading and Playing forum.
Necropost - Posting on an old topic without bringing anything to the discussion.
Blockspam - Spamming with the [scratchblocks] tag on a random topic.
nono word/the extension - An alternate way of talking about a specific extension.
Ninja'd - When a user posts a few seconds before you, you get "Ninja'd".
Bump - Bring Up My Post, users post this to get the topic to the front page.
Dupe - When a suggestion was already suggested before, the new topic is a dupe of the old topic.
Sticky - A topic that was pinned to the front page of the forum.
Evil Kumquat - Fictional creature which is commonly said to eat forum signatures.
Sig/Siggy - Shorter way of saying Signature.
ST - Scratch Team, the staff of the site.
iTopic - A guide, like a sticky, but that isn't pinned.
TFH - A popular studio called The Forum Helpers.

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